Each year a ryūha (martial school) is selected as the focus of training. While this enforces proficiency and growth in a particular style, there are opportunities where students can briefly explore other ryūha, as well as work on past skill sets not part of the yearly curriculum. A yearly curriculum is used to balance participants’ studies.

Here’s a basic summary how the training process is structured through a yearly curriculum:


Classes focus on a yearly curriculum, which encompasses thorough training in one specific ryūha.

  • Reigi Sahō (etiquette and customary practices)
  • Kata training
  • Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Principles & strategies of specified ryūha


Practical application will be tested and challenged to enhance one’s skills in various engagements, including sparring. Or, extra training is offered in any area of skills, including those outside of the Main Curriculum. Open session is conducted twice a month, and is exclusive only to members, as well as invited guests.


Basic skills and conditioning necessary for kobudō are the main focus of this class. Essential for new students, as well as recommended for further refining of advanced students’ abilities. As the most physical of all classes, this is conducted outdoor in the park.


The last week of each month is designated to studying a different ryūha or skill set. This further enhances students’ skills and understanding of the various ryūha that are offered that have not been studied yet, as well as review those that were part of another year’s curriculum.

Please visit Location & Schedule to learn where & when the yearly curriculum is incorporated on a weekly basis.