Cultural Studies

Pursuing Cultural Studies

An appreciation of the Japanese culture and history is vital to understanding the true essence behind Japanese martial arts. With this belief, there will be sessions where this can be studied, from practicing the basics of the following:

  • Gengo (言語) = Modern Japanese
  • Jidai Oyobi Rekishi (時代及び歴史) = History based on Different Time Periods
  • Gendai Wadai (現代話題) = Contemporary Topics
  • Mukashi Banashi (昔話) = Folk Tales
  • Kaiwa (会話) = Open conversation with a native Japanese speaker

Learning process will simulate more of a Japanese approach. For example, repetition and guidance through constant examples is a must. Like with any language, immersion in the Japanese language yields best results when applied in one’s daily life, and not only just for academic purposes.


Different resources regarding to Cultural studies are made available for those interested. Along with recommended books and sites, many of the contents found on the blog Light in the Clouds (managed by Curtis Abu) also assist with the studies, which generally will feature more elaborated information and descriptions.