Becoming a Member


The following below details how to become a member at Chikushin Martial & Cultural Training Group:



Classes are designed for adults 18 years and older, for both men and women. No prior experience in martial arts is necessary.



For indoor training sessions, we wear a standard keikogi, which conforms well with the martial arts training. Although regular loose-fitting exercise/training wear is welcomed, it is highly recommended to purchase a keikogi at some point. The standard keikogi consists of an uwagi (jacket), hakama (pants), tabi (split-toe footwear), and kaku obi (wide belt).

For outdoor training sessions, regular clothing is used, especially those designed for physical activities. Sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans or sweat pants are highly recommended. Depending on the weather/season, extra layers may be needed (i.e. a sweat shirt or jacket).



When starting out, it is recommended to purchase a bokutō/bokken (wooden training sword), and rokushaku bō (6-foot staff) at some point. These will prove useful especially during solo training. Other training weapons that are curriculum-specific will be addressed later as the training progresses.



A small notebook and writing instrument is advised for note-taking during training breaks, as well as for cultural studies (i.e. Japanese language).



There are monthly fees required to participate. There are 2 types of monthly fee plans:

1) Martial arts training
2) Martial arts training + Cultural studies

Note that cultural studies will not be conducted as a separate option.

Please use the Contact page to send an inquiry for more information.


For the items mentioned above, a list of suggested retailers will be provided if needed. For any other questions, please feel free to send all inquiries through the Contact page.