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Ninja: Secrets of the Unsurpassable Heart
Author: Teruhisa Komori
Publisher: One Peace Books (August 14, 2019)
Publication Date: August 14th, 2019
ISBN-10: 1642730483
ISBN-13: 978-1642730487
Language: English

It is a unique book that not only gives a genuine overview about the origins, activities, and techniques of the ninja (aka shinobi, spies during the warring periods in Japan), but incorporates Mr. Komori’s research on their physical, mental and spiritual fortitude and how they were able to succeed in their missions. The studies conducted give many hints on how these traits of the ninja can also benefit people in today’s technologically & socially-driven societies in terms of dealing with stress and issues that arise through it.

Originally a book published in Japanese, Curtis Abu (founder of Chikushin Martial & Cultural Training Group) was recruited to translate the English version.

Date: 1790
Author: Unknown

A military documentation about castle/fort establishment & fortification, and strategies regarding survival against an opposing force. Renown as the teachings from Yamamoto Kansuke, famous military strategist of the Takeda army during the 1500s. 1st compiled sometime in 1645, there have been different versions of it passed down to individuals initiated to this knowledge over the years throughout Edo period.

This is a concise version dated 1790. Originally a Japanese→English transliteration project done by Curtis Abu as a voluntary service for the non-profit website called “The Hidensho Project”. To keep this work up as a historical reference, it has been reproduced and is now maintained in the Translations section of Light in the Clouds blog. The direct link to the Heiho Yukan is here.